The Panhandle Association of Petroleum Landmen has served as a professional organization promoting fellowship of those involved in the petroleum and natural gas exploration business for over fifty years. Membership is available to all those involved in the oil and gas industry. Details can be found on Membership page from the menu above.

PAPL’s membership is composed of landmen, attorneys, geologists, engineers and is open to all those involved or interested in the petroleum exploration or natural gas industries. With a history of productive oil and gas exploration that has spanned nearly a century, the Texas Panhandle has attracted local, national and global exploration companies to its legendary reservoirs. From nearly the beginning, landmen in the Texas Panhandle have been an integral part of that history and continue to this day to serve as an important element in the exploration business.

PAPL is based in Amarillo, Texas. Amarillo is the largest, and only, major metropolitan area in the Panhandle and serves as a hub for the exploration industry that works in the 26,000 square miles that surrounds it. Amarillo attracts industry representatives from all over the world making it a substantial and important part of the oil and gas industry.

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